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About Proxide DM

Simple & Safe to Use

The automated Proxide DM machine is left to operate in a clean vacated room/space. After the assigned treatment time the room is safe to reoccupy. No manual application is required.

The automated machine based process allows for other activities to occur during the Proxide DM treatment. The Proxide DM machine is easily transportable between individual rooms/spaces and facilities.

Economical, Safe & Efficient

TGA Approved

Proxide H₂O₂ Vapour treatment can achieve a 6_log kill reduction (99.9999% kill rate) against multiple pathogens. 6-log kill rate is an acceptable target for sterilisation.

Automated airborne disinfecting technologies using H₂O₂ vapour has been approved by the TGA. Proxide provides the confidence and comfort of using a tried, trusted and scientifically based technique.

6 Log Kill


Why Proxide?

Proxide solution methodologies are safe and non toxic to human, animal and plant health, which supports a health environement.


Proxide's products do not contain silver or phosphates as in other commercially available H²0²products.

Proxide's products leave no residues or contaminants but fully oxidize into water and oxygen.

Proxide is based on hydrogen peroxide solution from the world's cleanest and safest H₂O₂. which is the only certified organic H₂O₂. Most other hydrogen peroxide's are stablised with silver or other contaminating metals or phosphates. Proxide is stabilised using a polyalcohol in a patented process.

No Silver

Proxide products are a stabilised hydrogen peroxide solution without addition of silver, because:

Silver is toxic to all living cells

Silver contributes to antibiotic resistance

Silver is deposited around nerves and in deeper skin layers and may cause permanent skin damage

Silver is intimately associated with environmental contamination of other toxic heavy metals such as mercury and lead

Silver sticks to fish gills, potentially choking them to death

Silver disturbs bacterial activity when cleaning sewage

Silver prevents the use of sludge as fertilizer, needed for nutrient recycling


Proxide Dry Mist Vapour

Proxide H₂O₂ vapour (dry mist vapour) provides non toxic disinfection of hard surfaces within spaces. Proxide H₂O₂ vapour treatment consistently achieves a 6-log kill reduction (99.9999% kill rate) against multiple pathogens. 6-log kill rate is an acceptable target for sterilisation.

The Proxide vapour is comprised of 1-5µl H₂O₂ droplets deadly to bacteria, viruses, fungus, moulds and yeasts contaminating hard surfaces within the treated spaces. Proxide leaves no residues and is non corrosive.

Proxide disinfecting protocols provide a safe and efficient adjunct to all quality cleaning processes to protect a range of industries.

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