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SMART WATER with Proxide ECP

ECP = EcoClear Prox

EcoClearProx, hydrogen peroxide, provides a solution for minimizing adverse impacts on human health and the environment. High stability solution without addition of silver or peracid

Water is a vital resource used not only for human consumption, but also for industrial and agricultural processes. Bacterial growth within piping systems and processing equipment can have a significant impact on water quality.

Water Treatment

Drinking Water

Water is the one most important nutrients required by livestock. Decreased intake can adversely affect health, reproduction and growth. Water contamination by bacteria and viruses can have a severe impact. ECP decontaminates piping systems, drinking water and irrigation equipment.

Food processing requires large amounts of  clean water for many different purposes. Water is used in direct contact with the food or food contact surfaces as well as indirectly as a processing aid.

Food Processing


Why Proxide ECP?

Proxide ECP solution methodologies are safe and non toxic to human, animal and plant health, which supports a health environement.


Proxide ECP does not contain silver or phosphates as in other commercially available stabilised H²0²products.

Proxide ECP leaves no residue or contaminant but fully oxidize into water and oxygen.

Proxide ECP is based on hydrogen peroxide solution from the world's cleanest and safest stabilised H₂O₂.. Most other hydrogen peroxide's are stablised with silver or other heavy metals or phosphates. Proxide ECP is stabilised using a polyalcohol in a patented process.

No Silver

Proxide ECP is a stabilised hydrogen peroxide solution without addition of silver, because:

Silver is toxic to all living cells

Silver contributes to antibiotic resistance

Silver is deposited around nerves and in deeper skin layers and may cause permanent skin damage

Silver is intimately associated with environmental contamination of other toxic heavy metals such as mercury and lead

Silver sticks to fish gills, potentially choking them to death

Silver disturbs bacterial activity when cleaning sewage

Silver prevents the use of sludge as fertilizer, needed for nutrient recycling


Proxide ECP

People’s health, animal wellbeing and a thriving environment are part of the same equation.

We want to challenge the business-as-usual thought process and become a driving force behind a bold shift towards sustainability and a circular economy.

Our products and solutions are non-toxic to the environment, support access to clean water and food and empower people to promote and maintain their health.

Proxide ECP will inspire people to think and act differently to ensure a sustainable future for the next generations.

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