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Benefits of Proxide Whole Room Disinfectant

Proxide H₂O₂ disinfectant solution is dispersed in a dry mist generated from a stationary automated pump dispenser,  less than 5µl droplet size. Proxide vapour takes up the volume within an enclosed area contacting all surfaces within that space.*

H₂O₂ is a powerful disinfectant as identified by the ARTG. H₂O₂ actively dissociates into water and oxygen. During this dissociation of H₂O₂ nascent oxygen is produced that actively kills 99.99% of all infectives.

Because Proxide is 100% biodegradable breaking down to non detectable oxygen and water it is suitable for all spaces where disinfection of surfaces is required.

Proxide can be used safely and is an environmentally friendly method to reduce the risks of viral contamination and infection.

*Manual direction of a hand held pump dispenser consistently provides inferior disinfection kill rates.


Research papers and reviews confirm the efficacy of H₂O₂ as a successful and safe method of broad spectrum disinfection. Used in conjunction with high quality cleaning standards, Proxide is an excellent adjunct to complete certified disinfection protocol.



Automated airborne disinfectant technologies using hydrogen peroxide vapour are approved by the Australian Government Department of Health, Therapeutic Goods Administration and many other countries with advanced government health systems.


Cleaning means physically removing germs, dirt and organic matter from surfaces. Safe Work Australia


Disinfecting means using chemicals to kill germs on surfaces. It’s important to clean before disinfecting because organic matter and dirt can reduce the ability of disinfectants to kill germs. Safe Work Australia

Why Choose Us

Fast Disinfecting

Mirco particles distributed efficiently to all surfaces


Organic friendly ECP H₂O₂ is 100% biodegradable

No Silver

Silver is a known environmental contaminent

Non corrosive and no residue

100% safe - no traces or residues left behind

Our Industries Include

Proxide H₂O₂ solutions are available to purchase now for the disinfecting of

Our Services

Proxide H₂O₂ solutions are available to purchase now or consult with us to organise


Residential/ Vehicle

For peace of mind when decontamination of a home or vehicle is required


Office spaces or hospitality venues up to 1000m³ approx

Water Treatment

Proxide ECP is the best environmentally safe option for water treatment in Australia

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